How to get heatless curls


HEAT STYLING- Culprit for destroying hair. Curling iron, flat irons. blow dryers, all these heating tools carry the danger of overheating hair and therefore drying it out,even burning it.

I’ll tell you the heatless way to curl you hair.And it is totally inexpensive.


Either buy the curling sticks which are easily available in the market and are inexpensive too or create them by yourself.

What you need to do is take a newspaper and cut 1 page into 2 halves now roll it into sticks. Create 8 such sticks (for medium hair) you can make more or less according to your length and volume of the hair.









STEP 2:  You need some hair ties (or rubber bands) to adjust those newspaper stick into your hair. If you have curling sticks  then you dont have to do this step.









STEP 3: Wet your hair strands to get long lastingness.

STEP 4 : Divide your hair into sections and take each section and roll it on the stick in the inner side of your hair. (if its a curling stick it has its own lock and for newspaper stick you have to tie it with the rubber band.)


STEP 5:  Leave it overnight. When you wake up remove the stick and you’ll get ravishing curls.

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