HOW TO SHAVE Arms Legs and Underarms

Shaving is basically cutting off the hair from the surface not pulling it out which means that the hair is not going to be more thick or black which is a myth.

Shaving involves 3steps which will give you a flawless skin which are as follows


It is very important to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells and additional toxins away, it gives your razor and shaving cream the cleanest state possible to remove hair from.

You can either use a scrub, for underarms use a face scrub and for legs and arms body scrub will be fine. You can also diy your scrub.

Take 1/2 cup of sugar(brown or white) and either extra virgin olive oil or coconut  oil. Mix them and scrub the part you are shaving.

2) Shave

For women I will suggest gilette venus razor ( is available in India. Its very imp to buy a good razor and you will need shaving gel or cream as well. Men’s shaving cream will also work fine for the women. After applying the shaving cream move the razor gently in the opposite direction of your hair.(eg. for legs start from your ankle towards your knees) rinse the razor under the tub facet to get rid of hair caught in the blades. When you are done shaving clean it with water and pat it dry.

3) Moisturize

This is a vital step which people ignore and causes dry and rough skin. You can use after shaving lotions or you can use coconut oil , olive oil, almond oil after shave.


  • Change the blade or switch to a new razor about once a week to avoid using a dull razor.
  • Whether you are shaving your legs or armpits go slow.
  • Do not shave when skin is irritated, sunburn or you have broken skin.

Shaving is easy , not painful , less time consuming and very handy.

You can do it daily also!!



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