How to get crimped hair without heat:

Start with clean, damp, tangle-free hair. If you have not already, shampoo and condition your hair. Damp your hair for the longevity of crimped hair. Make sure that your hair is completely tangle-free. Run a wide-toothed comb through it, if necessary.

 Divide your hair into sections. The more sections you have, the tighter crimp you will get. If you want, you can keep these sections separated temporarily with a hairclip, a claw clip, or even some hair ties. Be sure to take these out before you are braiding that section.

  • For thinner hair, try 3 to 5 sections.
  • For thicker hair, try 3 to 10 sections.

Braid or French braid your hair. Try to keep the braids as tight as possible. A regular braid will result in straighter hair at top, and crimped hair at the bottom. A French braid will result in an all-over crimp.

  • Be sure to braid your hair all the way to the ends. Tie the braid off with a hair tie about ½ to 1 inch (1.27 to 2.54 centimeters) from the ends. Loop the tail end of the braid into the hair elastic. This will help create that all-over crimped look, and prevent any straight ends.
  • Leave it overnight and gently open the braids in the morning. In case you don’t have this much time then leave it for 4 hours.

Style your hair, but do not brush it. Brushing crimped hair will make it turn poofy. If the crimps aren’t fluffy enough for you, soften them up by gently running your fingers through them.

Stay happy! 🙂

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