Yes I know its a beauty blog but being a big time foodie I keep on making food and today thought of sharing the recipe with you! I hope you’ll like it!


Paneer: 200gm

Mushroom: 250 gm

Green Capsicum: 1(large)

Onion: 1 (regular size)

Garlic: 2 cloves

Tomatoes: 4(regular size)

Ginger: 2 tb spoon(chopped)

Green peas: 1 bowl

Green chillies: 4

Salt: to taste

Cumin seeds: 1 tbsp

Oil: 4-5 tbsp

Red chilli : to taste


Take the tomatoes, ginger , green chillies and garlic and blend it into a nice puree.

Boil the green peas. Cut the capsicums and onions into triangular shape. Dice paneer and cut mushrooms into half.

Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan. Add capsicum and onion to it. Semi-fry them and then add boiled peas, paneer cubes, and mushrooms. Cook the mixture for 2 minutes.

Keep these veggies aside and add the remaining oil in another pan.

Add cumin seeds, red chilli powder and the puree (made earlier).
Cook it well for 5 minutes. Add salt and the dish is done!

Garnish it with cashew nuts and almonds(after sauteing them in oil to make them crisp).Serve it hot with rotis or rice!

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